F-1 Quick Links

F-1 Student Quicklinks

If you encounter an E-Form access issue and have tried accessing the E-form in multiple web browsers, please email iss[at]umass[dot]edu

Certificate of Attendance (COA): Certificate of Attendance Letters serve as proof of the student’s immigration status at UMass.

I-20 Reprints/Changes E-Form: Submit this request if you need a new travel signature, need a change on your I-20, need old I-20s reprinted for an OPT application, etc. Additional reasons for your request can be listed in the comments section in the E-Form.

Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV): This page provides information and resources for obtaining a driver’s license and purchasing/registering a vehicle.

Social Security F-1 letter E-Form: If you have an on-campus job and need a DSO signature on your SSN letter, you can submit the request through the E-Form.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) information.

Initial 12 Month Optional Practical Training (OPT) information.

24 Month STEM Extension Optional Practical Training (STEM OPT) information.

SEVIS transfer out E-Form: Submit your SEVIS transfer out request through the E-Form.