Find Courses

Find Courses

Students can search for and enroll in classes using the internet-based registration system, known as “SPIRE”. They can browse course offerings by semester without a UMass NetID by visiting SPIRE and clicking “Search Classes/Catalog” under the heading SPIRE Shortcuts at the bottom of the page.

When searching for courses, use the following fields:

  • Term (Match your term from the previous year. For example, if you’re on exchange for fall semester, choose the fall term from the previous year.)
  • Course Subject
  • Unmark “Show Open Classes Only”
  • Session: University


Exchange students can enroll in classes offered by any open department if they satisfy the entry requirements for those courses. However, it is crucial to carefully verify that the minimum requirements and prerequisites for each course are fulfilled before proceeding with enrollment.

A "prerequisite" is a course that a student must have taken prior to enrolling in a specific course or program. Many upper-level courses have prerequisites that are essential for students to successfully complete such advanced coursework, so pay attention to the "Restrictions & Notes" section provided for each course.

Students may be asked to send IPO staff syllabi of previous coursework to determine eligibility for specific courses.

Course Enrollment

Upon acceptance to the UMass Amherst International Exchange Student Program, students are assigned a course enrollment appointment and are able to self-enroll in classes through the SPIRE system once their appointment begins. However, additional approval and assistance are required for courses that have prerequisites or restriction notes. In this case, students send their enrollment requests to their IPO advisor to assess course eligibility and help facilitate enrollment.