Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance

Complete all 3 steps below to request your Certificate of Attendance.

1. CHOOSE one of the letter templates below based on your academic status (i.e. degree or exchange students). Please do not use these letters for your F1 or J1 visa renewal.

Student Letter Templates: You must be currently sponsored by UMass Amherst on a F1 or J1 student visa to request these letters. 

  • DEGREE STUDENT CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE: For use as part of tourist visa applications for countries other than the U.S., Massachusetts driver's license application supplements, confirmation of your full time student status at UMass Amherst, etc. 
  • DEGREE STUDENT STUDENT FAMILY INVITATION: For use by family members during their B1/B2 visa appointment during your studies at UMass.
  • EXCHANGE (NON-DEGREE) STUDENTSDrop off your enrollment verification forms for signature at IPO. This will take 2-3 business days to process.
  • GRADUATION INVITATION: For use by the family members of a graduating student during their B1/B2 visa appointment. Available Spring semester for the May Commencement Ceremony. 
  • STUDENTS ON OPT OR ACADEMIC TRAINING: To request a letter contact Beryl Tang, include your full name and SPIRE number.

2. COMPLETE the template. Please do not alter any text in black on the template letters, edits can be made to any text indicated in red. 

​3. SUBMIT your letter(s) via email for processing, unless otherwise specified, use subject line: Certificate of Attendance Request and attach all letters in MS word format. 

Processing time: 2-3 business days. You will receive an email once your letters are available for pick up at IPO.