Welcome to Round the World Women

Round the World Women

The focus of Round the World Women (RWW) has been to bring international women together to learn about and visit nearby places, and to spend time with local women and each other. This year, we hope to host a combination of activities — some outside and some on Zoom — to learn and grow, and to share information, encouragement, and friendship. Our volunteers can tell you about local customs and answer your questions as we all learn about life in the U.S. and in your home countries.

Members make friends with women from around the world and can share their cultures and interests. RWW’s local volunteers and women who are having the same experiences as you can offer comfort and support to ease your transition to life here in Amherst.

Women from as many as 25 countries participate and are pleased to be able to share their cultures, customs, and food with the American women as well.  The American volunteers, while teaching about life here, feel they gain as much, or more, than they give.  They make friends from all over the world and learn about other cultures. RWW has helped more than 2000 women over the last 50 years.

Round the World Women (RWW) is sponsored by Amherst Town Committee for International Students.  It was founded by Eleanor Singleton and Peggy Gage in 1967 to welcome international women associated with the colleges, universities, and businesses in the Amherst area.



If you have any further questions, please visit Amherst Town Committee for International Students, Inc or email RWWAmherst[at]gmail[dot]com.