Internationalization Grants

Internationalization Grants  

2016-17 Call for Proposals Submission Deadline: October 30, 2015
The International Programs Office (IPO), the Director of Libraries, and the Deans of the participating colleges are pleased to announce the 2016-2017 Faculty and Staff Internationalization Grant program in support of on-going, and newly-initiated, internationalization efforts to benefit the UMass campus.  The grants are available to faculty and staff from the Colleges of: CNS, HFA, SBS, SPHHS, ISOM, Engineering, Nursing, Education, Commonwealth Honors, Information and Computer Science, and the Libraries.
The International Studies Council (ISC) of the Faculty Senate has partnered with IPO in developing criteria for awarding the grants, and will review and make recommendations on applications.  Proposals must be approved (signed) by Deans/Unit Heads, or their designee, to be considered. 
Purpose(s) of the Internationalization Grant: 

  • Internationalizing the curriculum—adding an international component or dimension to an existing class, with preference for high enrollment and general education classes.
  • Improving on-campus support, developing new programs, or otherwise improving campus culture for international students and scholars.
  • Exploratory trips to develop future faculty-led study abroad programs.
  • Familiarization trips to gain first-hand knowledge of study and internship abroad sites and institutions to better advise student participants.
  • Strengthen or expand collaboration(s) with existing international partners.
  • Other, innovative projects to advance the goal of “internationalization” at UMass Amherst, broadly defined.

Who Can Get the Grant?

  • Full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty, lecturers, and librarians.
  • Full-time academic staff. 

Preference for Grant Selection:

  • Priority to faculty/staff who have not had extensive international research and/or teaching opportunities.
  • Faculty and staff who have not previously received a grant.
  • Clear link between the proposed international activity and the applicant’s on-campus teaching, and/or advising.
  • Potential for sustained, long-term impact on the curricula of the corresponding department, college, or more broadly, for the campus.
  • Must have explicit support from Dean/Unit Head.

The Grant will NOT Fund:

Grant Amounts/Funding:

  • Up to $5,000 per proposal, depending on projected costs.
  • Attention to cost savings for travel expenses is appreciated. 
  • Funding of grants is cost-shared equally by the applicant’s school/college/unit, and the International Programs Office.

Required Follow-up Documentation:

  • Grantees will submit a report on their experiences abroad to the IPO, their Department Heads, and their college Deans/Unit leaders.
  • Grantees will present the report to the Faculty Senate International Studies Council (ISC).
  • Final reimbursement is contingent on completion of follow-up documentation. 

Application Requirements: Prospective grantees must submit the following application materials no later than October 30, 2015 for Summer 2016 through Summer 2017 activities.

  • A completed application with this cover page, including your Dean’s/Unit Head’s (or designee’s) signature.
  • Curriculum vitae, including all substantial international experience (not more than 2 pages).
  • A narrative description of the proposed project — not to exceed 2 double-spaced pages.  Explain how the proposed activity will advance internationalization at UMass Amherst, i.e. through improved advising, integration of study abroad with curricula, new programs/exchanges, or through other means. 
  • If the proposal is course-related, please include: proposed course number and title, description/enrollment of the current content of a course to be modified, or description of the new course and/or new content to be developed.
  • An estimated budget.  Efforts to reduce costs are encouraged.  Note: Check local expenses against Dept. of Defense per diem rates.  Seek competitive pricing for airfare and other travel. Budgets for less than $5,000 are most welcome and may enable funding of more projects.

Please submit applications electronically.  Scan the cover page with signatures as a .pdf file. Send the entire application as one (1) PDF file by converting your .doc files into .pdf files and combining them into one .pdf file. Please make sure the filename starts with your last name so we can identify them. Applications that have been approved by Dean’s/Unit Heads will be evaluated by the Faculty Senate’s International Studies Council members based on the merit of the proposed activity and/or its potential to contribute to the internationalization of UMass Amherst.