UMass Faculty/Staff Fulbright Mentoring Network 

The International Programs Office has formed the UMass Faculty/Staff Fulbright Mentoring Network to match prospective applicants with UMass Faculty Fulbright alumni. 
Former Fulbright Scholars are a valuable resource and can provide perspectives, experience and knowledge regarding: Fulbright opportunities, award types and options, letters of support, and letters of invitation. Current faculty and staff who are considering becoming Fulbright Scholars will greatly benefit from this assistance.  Many former Fulbright Scholars have agreed to be mentors (see listing). Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact them directly via email, using the information provided on discipline and country of their past Fulbrights.  Information regarding the Fulbright application process and deadlines can be found at CIES.  Dr. Jay Carey (College of Education) will graciously share his Fulbright Specialist Program materials, application materials and project proposals upon request. Please review his Spring 2016 Specialist Presentation here and his Summer 2016 Specialist Presesntation here


UMass Faculty/Staff Fulbright Mentor Network Listing

Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) website - information on awards, deadlines, application process 

Dr. Carey's Spring 2016 Specialist Powerpoint

Dr. Carey's Summer 2016 Specialist Powerpoint

Annual Fulbright Workshop (April 2016) Powerpoint 

If you would like to receive more information or have questions regarding the UMass Faculty/Staff Fulbright Mentoring Network, please contact Kimberly Stender.


Annual Fulbright Workshop On April 14, 2016, over 50 faculty and staff attended the 5th Annual Fulbright Workshop/Luncheon co-sponsored by the Research and Engagement Office and the International Programs Office. Associate Vice Chancellor Elizabeth Chilton and Vice Provost Jack Ahern welcomed the group to the Hadley Room in the Campus Center. Catherine Matto from the Council on International Exchange of Scholars was the keynote speaker and explained the application process and the many Fulbright opportunities. Former UMass Fulbright recipients, Jay Carey, Carey Clouse, Howard Peelle and Krista Harper spoke about their experiences and the significance of the Fulbright “family.” Ms. Matto met with 18 potential Fulbright applicants for private consultations following the luncheon and on April 15.

In addition, Vice Provost Ahern announced the formation of a UMass Faculty/Staff Fulbright mentoring group to match prospective applicants with UMass Fulbright alumni.  Please contact Kimberly Stender for more information (kstender[at]umass[dot]edu).

UMass Amherst is justly proud of the continuing success with both student Fulbright and Fulbright Scholar awards http://www.umass.edu/newsoffice/article/umass-amherst-ranked-third-nationally and http://www.umass.edu/gateway/feature/shining-fulbrights IPO and the Research and Engagement Office are pleased to support the faculty’s participation in this prestigious program of international research and scholarship.

Please access the CIES Powerpoint for detailed information regarding Fulbright overview, opportunities, and application process.