Undergraduate Experiential Education

Independent Research, Internship, Co-op, Volunteer or other Independent International Experience


Students who are interested in pursuing an international internship, co-op, service-learning, volunteer, or independent study experience abroad should follow these steps to ensure approval and proper registration with the International Programs Office (IPO).  Without IPO’s approval it is not possible to access financial aid or get credit for international experiences. Registering with IPO also ensures access to the Emergency International Travel Insurance, risk management and emergency response support.

Please follow these steps as early as possible or at least 6 months before your intended travel dates:  

  1. First check with the Education Abroad staff to see if there is an already approved program or internship available for you.
  2. If you remain set on pursuing an independent option, please contact Andrea Drake and explain your proposed international experience.
  3. Please also check in with Career Services (for internships, co-ops, etc.) and/or your faculty advisor (for independent study). 
  4. If your proposed experience is not for credit, then you will be directed to complete a simple registration process with IPO.  Retroactive credit for these non-credit international experiences will not be awarded. 
  5. If your proposed experience is FOR credit or will appear on your transcript, you will be directed to an Independent For-Credit Travel registration with IPO. If your proposal is approved by IPO’s risk management team, you will be charged the summer Education Abroad fee

For questions, please contact Andrea Drake