Understand the Education Abroad Application Process



Great news! You only need to apply to one program unless your Education Abroad Advisor tells you otherwise. You will be accepted if you are eligible and meet the deadlines.

You must submit a UMass Abroad application and a program application.  Start both applications at the same time.  (If you are applying to an Exchange, your Education Abroad Advisor will provide the application information at your nomination meeting.)  Be sure to know the deadlines for both applications, as they are likely to be different.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Dual application process

 UMass Abroad


Partner Program


Exchange Program Application

UMass Abroad Applications open a year in advance and must be submitted by the posted deadline. 

  • When you submit your UMass Abroad Application, you will be reviewed by the Dean of Students Office for conduct standing and by IPO for academic standing.
  • Once cleared, you will have additional requirements to complete before being accepted by IPO to study abroad.  

Partner Programs

You will apply to your program on their website.  Remember that their deadline may be earlier than the UMass Abroad application deadline. Start this application at the same time you start your UMass Abroad Application.

Exchange Programs

You need to schedule a meeting with the appropriate Education Abroad Advisor to seek nomination to your desired host institution and receive application materials and instructions. Remember that the host university deadline may be earlier than the UMass Abroad application deadline.

Learn the difference between Partner and Exchange Programs>>


Once you have been accepted by your partner/exchange program, and completed everything on your UMass Abroad application, you’ll be prompted to commit to your education abroad plans, and IPO can update your registration and bursar bill for your term(s) abroad!

UMass Abroad Peer Advisors have all been abroad and are here to explain and help with both applications.

» Now that you know how the process works, and you’ve identified your goals and options, you are ready to apply! »

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No matter where you are in your journey to Be UMass Abroad, here are some resources to help you plan:

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