Identify Your Goals


Before you start looking at programs, ask yourself “Why do I want to go abroad?” 

  • What do you hope to gain personally, professionally, and academically? 

  • What kind of academic experience do you want? Classroom or field study? Internship or research? 

  • Review academic tips on selecting a program.

  • Do you want to study a foreign language? Most programs offer courses taught in English, even when English isn't the primary language of the host country. 

  • How long do you want to be abroad?  From three credits in three weeks to a full year, we have programs to fit your schedule.

  • What do you need outside of the classroom to be your best self?  Consider climate, food, student life, university and city size, mental health and physical health needs. Where do you feel the most successful and what could that look like abroad?

  • What is your budget?  We offer programs that are less than, equal to, and more than UMass in-state tuition.  You can use your UMass financial aid to pay for education abroad!

Your Academic Advisor can assist you with the following: 

  • Understanding your degree requirements, which department courses can be taken abroad, and which must be taken on campus. 

  • Mapping your semesters to decide when and where to take your remaining requirements. What do your on-campus semesters need to look like to stay on track for graduation?

Peer Advisors are here to answer questions about life abroad.


By starting your planning early, you will have more options! Want to go abroad next semester?  Meet with your Academic Advisor soon.

» Now that you have explored your goals and options, better understand your finances!»

No matter where you are in your journey to Be UMass Abroad, here are some resources to help you plan:

Still have questions? We’re here for you!