Academic Tips about Education Abroad

Academic Tips About Education Abroad

Selecting a program

  • Check your Academic Requirements Report on SPIRE to determine what courses you need take to stay on track to graduate. Speak with your academic advisor to work out what courses to take at UMass versus what can be taken abroad.
  • Check out your college or department website for customized information on studying abroad in your major.
  • If you are looking for upper-level elective credits within your major, look at courses in related departments. Universities abroad may organize academic disciplines differently than UMass.
  • Recognize that your dream location may not accommodate your academic goals. If you need particular courses to stay on track for graduation, prioritize courses when selecting a program. Check out the Database of International Course Equivalencies (DICE) to see where some courses in science, engineering, and math have been approved in the past.
  • Check the Gen Ed Database to browse already approved Gen Eds abroad.

Pre-approving and registering for courses abroad

  • Follow college or department advising instructions for getting courses abroad pre-approved. Some majors may have one advisor assigned advisor who reviews course requests.
  • Some programs necessitate registering for courses before departure, while others will enroll you while on-site. Stay flexible and pre-approve more courses abroad than you might take.
  • Be aware of different credit numbering systems in some programs. Visit your programs webpage and/or the Grades and Credit Transfer Process for more information.
  • As you finalize your course schedule for your term abroad, submit a new ICAF to your academic advisor and alert the iporegistrar [at] (IPO Registrar), if needed.

Feel free to ask Peer Advisors or Education Abroad Advisors for any additional guidance or clarification.

Need more information on how transcripts abroad are processed?

Read the Grades and Credit Transfer Process website for more information on how transcripts from abroad are processed.

No matter where you are in your journey to Be UMass Abroad, here are some resources to help you plan:

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