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Start planning early! Study abroad is possible for students in every major, but it requires planning ahead. We encourage students to visit with Education Abroad as early as the first year. 

Check out these 10 compelling reasons to study abroad!

The Education Abroad Office primarily serves undergraduates, but there are some graduate study abroad opportunities as well. 

Spring 2021 Education Abroad Advising Update

The Education Abroad Advising Center is closed for all in-person business for the Spring 2021 semester.  Peer Advisors and Education Abroad Advisors are available by appointment via Zoom to help students explore options and make plans for their education abroad.  You can meet with us as often as you like by following the instructions here.

We are hopeful that several study abroad options will be available for Summer 2021 and beyond and encourage students to get started on their applications now.  We are requiring backup plans, including enrolling in Fall 2021 courses at UMass and ensuring you have housing.  Get started here and we’ll help you make plans!

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Watch Essentials, the mandatory information session for all students in all majors interested in all countries. 
  2. Research your program options on UMass Abroad.  Too many options?  Not sure how to find your best match?  Follow the instructions here to make an appointment with a Peer Advisor.
  3. Reach out to your Academic Advisor to let them know you want to go abroad and map out your semesters.  Think about when the best time(s) are for you to go and figure out what courses you can and want to take abroad. Find out if there are any classes you must take on campus, and when they are offered.  Junior Year Writing and the Integrative Experience (IE) cannot be taken abroad.
  4. Can’t find what you are looking for? Send an email to abroad[at]umass[dot]edu or make an appointment with a Peer Advisor.  
  5. Connect with your Education Abroad advisor, by email or Zoom

It’s never too early to think about scholarships or to renew or apply for your passport. As of June 19, 2020, there are significant delays in passport issuance, so apply as soon as possible.

Still Have Questions?

Call us at (413) 545-5247, or email us.