Peer Staff

Jerry Chen

Malaysia: Heriot Watt University

Ni hao! I’m Jerry and I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major! I spent my sophomore Spring semester at Heriot Watt University Malaysia and learned what real heat meant. I jumped right into Malaysia without much research aside from the basics to survive, and I’m still alive! One of the best memories in Malaysia was the open-air food stalls called mamaks. After living in Malaysia for a while, I started to feel the unique atmosphere from mamaks that I have never felt before. The open-air atmosphere, full Malay menu, language barrier, and culturally flavored Nasi Goreng is nowhere to be found in the US. Travelling all over Southeast and East Asia on weekend trips was also a highlight of my study abroad time. Travelling and exploring various parts of the world made the abroad experience worth it. When can you spend half a year in a different country and have only 3 or 4 classes as your sole responsibility? And the best part? The cost is more affordable than you think. The financial side of studying abroad may seem daunting, but with some help here and there, it is very affordable. Although, the main question is still “why do you want to study abroad?”. Diving into the process without knowing why you want to study abroad is not worth the effort, no matter how much it costs. At the end, what matters is what you want, and not what others want.