Peer Staff

Afia Abrafi

UMass Faculty Taught: Dominican Republic, USAC: Ghana

Heyyyy! My name is Afia Abrafi, you can call me Afia or Fi for short. I am currently a Political Science major and working towards a Spanish minor, maybe even a double major - not sure yet. I went on a two-week service/study abroad program to the Dominican Republic. My favorite part of going abroad was the cultural submersion. For two whole weeks I had a chance to live the true Dominican lifestyle and because of this I am also planning a semester abroad in Ghana. It really hit me that I wasn’t in the US when I realized that my host mother only spoke Spanish and again when the Uber driver only spoke Spanish as well. I loved every moment of it for the simple fact that the language barrier allowed me to become more observant of my surroundings. If you think you can’t go abroad like I did, trust me you can! It all starts with a simple question or even a cry for help. Going abroad opens your eyes and allows you to see things that are usually insignificant from a whole new perspective. The United States is a melting pot and travelling outside of it brings to light a way to understand one of the many groups who reside here better. In short, GO ABROAD!