Peer Staff

Zach Steward

University of Salamanca, Spain Summer Faculty Taught Program

Hello everyone! My name’s Zachary Steward (you can call me Zach), and I am a senior with a double major in African-American Studies and Legal Studies. I will be starting a 4+1 Master’s program in Public Policy in the fall, and I use he/him pronouns.

One of my favorite memories was going to Bilbao with a couple friends during a free weekend. I got the opportunity to visit the Guggenheim and check out the different art there, as well as interact with some of it. I also had the chance to try pintxos, highly recommended. It’s essentially a mix of ingredients on a mini baguette. I had meat ones, one with salmon, some vegetable ones, and more. They were delicious and I miss them very much haha.

Some advice for students that are thinking of going abroad: ask questions! If there’s anything you’re unsure of or that you’re curious about, ask someone! Definitely explore the area around you, both the tourist and non-tourist spots where people go. Step outside your comfort zone, meet new people, try new foods, try new activities you would not normally do, and enjoy the time you have.

Ask me about:

  • FOMO
  • Identity abroad
  • LGBTQIA+ abroad
  • First-time solo travelers
  • Interested but hesitant about studying abroad
  • Not knowing the primary language of the host country