Peer Staff

Nate Comerchero

CEA Alicante, Spain - Intensive Spanish Language

Hello! My name is Nathan, and I am a senior majoring in Spanish, with a secondary major in Political Science. In Summer ’21 and Spring ’22 I was lucky enough to study abroad in Alicante and Cadiz, Spain, respectively.  Living in Europe provides access to many experiences that would not have been possible for me had I stayed in Amherst. I got to see beautiful cities, incredible beaches, and meet many new people. One of my favorite parts of studying abroad was living with my host family in Cadiz. My host parents owned a local restaurant, and we had many happy meals together. It was here that I feel I learned the most about Spanish culture, food, and what to do around the city all while practicing my ever improving Spanish. 

Whether you want to learn a new language, get outside of your comfort zone, or just do some side travel, study abroad provides the ability to do all of the above and more! I would love to help out any student interested in studying abroad find the right country, program, and city.

Ask me about:

  • Side travel
  • Spain 
  • Language exchange