Peer Staff

Mikayla Colabello

CIS Abroad - Florence University of the Arts, Italy

Hi all! My name is Mikayla Colabello, I am a senior marketing major, and in the Spring of 2022 I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. Studying abroad has been the most transformative experience of my entire life, and I encourage everyone to take that leap of faith and go for it! It can seem daunting at first, but once you make that jump you will be so happy and proud that you did. I learned so many amazing things about different cultures, people, and most importantly myself during my semester abroad. This opportunity is so unique to college, and I encourage you to take advantage of it while you have the time! You will be surrounded by the most amazing people, and attentive on-site directors to ensure you have a fantastic, yet safe and healthy trip. While things may get rocky at times, you can get through it all knowing you have such a large group of people supporting and rooting for you. You will not be able to find the things you love the most in life if you don't get out there and experience them first! My favorite experience from my time abroad was discovering my passion for wine, and deciding to base my career around it. I am now able to travel like I did when I was abroad, and pursue something that I absolutely love. When you immerse yourself in different cultures, there are so many amazing things that you can discover! 


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