Peer Staff

Lucy Gough

USAC Spain: San Sebastián

Hi everyone! My name is Lucy Gough. I am a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in education. During the Spring 2022 semester, I studied in San Sebastián in Spain. One of my favorite experiences was becoming a part of
the local community. San Sebastián is a smaller city, and I worked in one of the local high schools as a teacher. Within the first month, I felt like I really knew the city and I would walk around and recognize locals.

I also had the opportunity to live with an incredible family with two young kids, which became my home away from home. There was a language barrier, but the family was supportive and helped me improve my Spanish every day.

My advice for studying abroad is to take every opportunity that presents itself. I had a chance to experience the local culture by participating in traditional celebrations and attending family events with my host family. My second piece of advice is to travel. Being abroad also brings you closer to many new cultures and beautiful countries. Even on a student budget, I managed to go to 7 different countries and 18 cities.

I strongly believe that studying abroad is something that benefits everyone. If you are not sure if you should study abroad, come visit one of the peer advisors and hear their stories.

Ask me about:

  • Host family living
  • Female/ solo traveling
  • Planning weekend trips
  • Mental health abroad