Peer Staff

Kamila Calle

ISA Valencia, Spain: Universidad Católica de Valencia

Hey everyone, my name is Kamila Calle and I am a senior kinesiology major! I studied abroad during the fall semester of my junior year at the Universidad Católica de Valencia in Spain. My ideal plan to go abroad was during the spring semester of my sophomore year, but due to the pandemic I was not able to. Thankfully, with the guidance and support of IPO, I was able to find the perfect study abroad destination for me during my junior year! Being abroad during a pandemic was challenging because every country has their own guidelines, but that never deterred my experiences abroad.

My favorite experience about being abroad was Las Fallas de Valencia. During the month of March, the whole city of Valencia is decorated with Fallas, which are giant paper mache statues. From March 1st to the 19th, there are many events going on throughout the city. There are churro y chocolate stands placed on almost every street corners, firecracker barrages known as Mascletàs going off in the town hall square daily, nightly fireworks in the city’s largest urban park called La Turia, block parties scattered throughout the city, and the burning down of all the Fallas on the very last day of the festival. I loved being able to run around the city with my friends seeing how the Valencians celebrated together  during this month every year, and being able to join in on the celebrations myself.

Packing up and moving to a different country can be very scary, but it is definitely worth the risk. Learning about different cultures and countries in school is completely different than being in those places and experiencing it yourself. You can learn more about that country's culture, try their cuisines, learn their dialect, and truly immerse yourself into the experience and have fun!

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