Peer Staff

Chris Evans

Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany: University of Konstanz Exchange

Hello! My name is Chris Evans. I am a senior studying Computer Science, and I spent both the Fall and Spring Semesters of the 21/22 year in Konstanz, Germany. My favorite part about living abroad was integrating into the local culture and developing a routine as a resident. As much as I loved traveling, my favorite memories were swimming in the river first thing every spring morning and playing volleyball in the evenings until the sun came down. With all the Beach Volleyball courts and Biergartens in Konstanz, I met many amazing people by simply putting myself out into the wild. Although, the most common way for me to pass the time is to grab a beer or coffee and read or visit with a close friend. If you enjoy this as well, I highly recommend traveling to Europe. Some of my fondest memories are having layovers in Paris for a night and grabbing a nice meal alone in the city. 


As someone who enjoys my time alone as much as with others, I learned that traveling abroad doesn't have to be only get-togethers and parties. There is a lot of growing and learning one can do on their own as well. Living in Germany greatly increased my confidence. If you are unsure about traveling abroad because you are worried it is not for you, feel free to reach out to me. Maybe I can convince you.


Ask me about:

• Learning new languages

• Managing time with homework, projects, and free time

• Keeping track of mental health, staying happy and healthy