Peer Staff

Chloe Hopkins

CEA Madrid, Spain

Hi, my name is Chloe Hopkins! I am a senior studying mathematics and I am attending the CTEP program here at UMass to become an elementary school teacher! I went abroad during my Spring semester of 2022 to Madrid, Spain. My favorite part of being abroad was the people I met along the way. If you are worried about making friends like I was- don't be. I met so many people between my classes, through my CEA program, and just traveling around. What was even more special was I got to create once-in-a-lifetime memories with them. I know it sounds cheesy, but how many people can say they went to the Pope's service in Saint Peter's Basilica on Good Friday during a pandemic? Not many! 

I tried new foods like croquetas and sea urchins and even got the chance to make traditional Spanish dishes that I was able to bring back home and cook for my family. I learned more Spanish in 5 months than I had my whole life in school. This was because I was able to throw myself into situations with locals and speak with them, from classmates to restaurant staff, and even just talking to the stranger whose dog I wanted to pet. 

I strongly believe if you have the chance to go abroad you should do it! Not everyone gets an opportunity to explore the world and go out of their comfort zone while still having the support of two school systems and the peers around them.

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