EA Returned Students Transcripts and Credits

Grades and Credit Transfer Process

Prior to departure, you will be enrolled in a 15-credit placeholder course (NEXCHNGE) in SPIRE. This placeholder will remain in your SPIRE account until your grades and credits abroad have been processed.

Prior to the end of your program, we recommend that you request an electronic official transcript sent directly to iporegistrar[at]umass[dot]edu. UMass does not accept transcripts directly from students.

Prior to your return, make sure that you have followed the steps to secure course approval.

Keep in mind that it may take a few months for your study abroad grades to reflect on your UMass transcript. Check your grades at the top of your unofficial transcript in SPIRE.

Once your study abroad courses are in SPIRE, make sure to check your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) and confirm your courses are accurate. If you need help navigating to your ARR, contact your academic advisor. See the FAQs, “What if there is a course discrepancy in SPIRE?” for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will my grades abroad affect my GPA?

Your grades earned abroad will be on your UMass transcript but won't affect your GPA, except for Faculty-Led programs. Some graduate schools will recalculate your GPA to include study abroad grades in their applications.

What if there is a course discrepancy in SPIRE?

Occasionally there are issues with processing transcripts and assigning the proper requisites.

Courses for your Major:

If you followed the International Course Approval Process and courses for your major were not properly posted on your ARR, email iporegistrar[at]umass[dot]edu to investigate the issue.

If you did not submit an International Course Approval Form (ICAF) for a course you took abroad that satisfies a degree requirement, follow the ICAF process and email iporegistrar[at]umass[dot]edu when it has been submitted by your academic advisor.

Courses for Gen Ed Credit:

If the course is listed on the Gen Ed database but such credit is not awarded on your SPIRE ARR, log into UMass Abroad and submit the “Register Your Gen Eds Abroad” form. Then email iporegistrar[at]umass[dot]edu to alert them to the change.

If the course is not listed on the Gen Ed database, follow the process to have the course reviewed.

What if I took courses just for credit?

All classes taken abroad will automatically transfer back to UMass for credit.