EA Returned Students Post-Graduation Opportunities

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Are you interested in working, teaching, or volunteering abroad? There are many options for you to gain new skills and to strengthen your cross-cultural understanding outside of the classroom.

Work Abroad

Keep in mind that most countries require work visas, so be sure to do your research on what exactly you may need in order to work abroad. Work abroad positions are not eligible for academic credit or financial aid. The following are resources to help you begin a job search:

Volunteer Abroad

Academic credit is extremely rare for volunteer positions, unless the experience is done as a part of a directed study or research project, or in partnership with Community Service Learning. Financial Aid only applies to credit-bearing programs. 

Graduate School Abroad

Many graduate programs abroad are taught in English and are often very affordable. International Graduate School Information can be found: 

The Office of National Scholarship Advisement (ONSA) assists eligible students in the pursuit of distinguished nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships, including: