EA Returned Students

Welcome Back to UMass!

We hope your time abroad was a rewarding and wonderful experience and want to remind you that your study abroad experience is far from over! Take advantage of our many resources for a successful transition home. Explore international opportunities on campus, such as becoming a Peer Advisor and/or consider embarking on another international experience! Attend the IPO Welcome Back Reception held at the beginning of each semester and consider attending the New England Study Abroad Returnee Conference

Get Involved! 

  • Apply to be a Peer Advisor 
  • Submit a photo to the IPO Photo Contest
  • Attend a Welcome Back Reception to connect with other returned students and international students
  • Become an IPO Buddy. IPO Buddies is a buddy/mentor program designed to enable you to meet new international students to help them transition into life in the U.S., Amherst, and UMass. Email us with questions!
  • Help with the Pre-Departure Conference usually held at the end of each semester. Contact your Education Abroad Advisor to volunteer
  • Join a Cultural Organization on Campus 
  • Visit Career Services at UMass for advice about applying the skills you obtained while abroad and for information on work abroad opportunities