First Generation Students And Education Abroad

First Generation Students Abroad

Students who are the first in their family to attend a college or university work hard to get there, and studying abroad can be the next challenging stride toward success. We are committed to offering accessible experiences to all UMass students, and studies suggest that first generation college students are uniquely positioned to succeed abroad through their proven ability to seek new and exciting opportunities. While attending a college or university is an achievement to be proud of, it is important to also consider the additional opportunities that can enhance your overall academic and personal experience in addition to future career opportunities.
As a first generation college student you and your parents or guardians may have many questions regarding funding, safety, academics and culture. While your family may not be able to guide you through this process, Education Abroad advisors are here to answer any questions and provide you with the resources to make study abroad relevant & accessible.    

Think About:

  • Make sure you know the costs associated with the program you choose, and begin applying for scholarships early on. Additionally, understand what upfront costs might exist for the program you are applying to.   
  • Know your goals: understand your study abroad goals and reasons why you want to study abroad, and know how to articulate them. These goals can benefit you on personal, academic, and professional levels. Knowing how to articulate your study abroad goals may help your find the right support to turn these goals into realities.   

Before You Go:

  • Discuss your plans with your family and be prepared to inform them of the academic, personal, and professional benefits to studying to abroad. Be prepared to articulate your plan for funding study abroad, and let them know that the Education Abroad advisors are here to support students and answer any parent questions or concerns.