IPO News

Spring 2021 Update on Education Abroad

Friday, October 23, 2020

In light of today’s announcement about spring 2021 reopening, the International Programs Office (IPO) wants to make sure students interested in studying abroad know that a limited number of options remain open for new applications. If you are interested in a spring semester abroad, there are two important steps:

  • Check the list of spring 2021 Approved Programs for an up-to-date roster of programs likely to be available.

  • Visit the IPO Virtual Advising Center (VAC), which provides all of the in-person resources IPO typically offers, in a convenient, virtual setting. Information on programs, scholarships, health and safety, and more is available at the VAC 24/7.

We understand that planning for a study abroad program amidst so much uncertainty connected to the ongoing pandemic can be difficult, and we remain available to help navigate this complex process. Your Study Abroad Advisor will work with you to select a program, as well as make backup plans, including maintaining your enrollment in Spring 2021 courses at UMass and ensuring you have housing.

Those who are not ready for a spring 2021 semester abroad, can consider adding a virtual international internship experience to their regular UMass course load. More information on available internship placements, associated application process and costs, and next steps, is available here. 

And, of course, it is never too early to start planning for fall 2021, academic year, and even spring 2022 programs.