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picture of Ava Greemo in London phone booth

Abroad in London ft. Ava Gremo

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

This past Spring semester I was lucky enough to be able to study abroad in the amazing city of London, England. While I was abroad, I took classes at the University of Westminster through the CIS Abroad program. CIS Abroad is a fantastic program that helped support me along with the other students through our semester abroad and provided us with so many opportunities and experiences.

During my time abroad I got to take classes that were London-specific, these classes not only fulfilled my requirements at UMass but also helped me learn more about the city I was living in during these few months. The classes I took included Modern Art in London, the Holocaust in London, and the Cultural and Popular History of Jack the Ripper. From these classes, I learned more about the history of London and was also given the opportunity to explore the city since many of our sessions were outside of the classroom exploring the city, museums, and galleries.

When I wasn’t in class, I spent most of my time exploring the city and traveling with friends from my abroad program. Similarly, CIS Abroad organized a number of events that would teach us more about London culture and introduce us to our peers. These events included Afternoon Tea, a weekend trip to Wales, a river cruise on the River Thames, etc. I traveled within and outside of England including places such as Cambridge in England, Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, and more. Studying abroad within Europe was a great decision since there are a number of transportation options to get to other countries since they are within close proximity to one another making traveling affordable and easy.

Studying abroad was one of the best experiences of my life and I highly recommend it to all students. Specifically, I strongly recommend studying abroad in London with the CIS Abroad program for Westminster. London holds so many opportunities, experiences, and culture making it a great place to spend a semester!