International General Education Course Approvals

International General Education Course Approvals


The courses below have been reviewed by the International Programs Office GenEd Committee.Pre-approval does not guarantee that courses will be offered or that UMass students can enroll. Courses may be cancelled, or a scheduling conflict may prevent you from taking an approved course. It is your responsibility to check with the host university or program to verify that the course is still offered, and if it will be offered during your term abroad.

To use this database, choose your program to see which courses have been approved as meeting GenEd requirements, or search by the GenEd you would like to fulfill and use filters to narrow down your choices by country and/or program. You can also search for course titles, but note that this search is case sensitive, so search for “Literature” not “literature.” Each filter must be cleared individually.

  • If a course is not listed here that you think could fulfill a requirement, submit an International General Education Course Request form. Be sure to follow the instructions before submitting your request.
  • If a course was not approved, do not resubmit it for approval. The IPO GenEd Committee has already determined that it does not meet any UMass GenEd requirement.
  • If you plan on taking a course that has already been approved, you do not need to submit the General Education Course Request form. 

If you take a course without prior approval, there is no guarantee that it will fulfill the GenEd. You can request approval after you have taken the course, but if it does not meet the requirements, you will need to take at least one additional UMass course in order to graduate. 

If you take three-credit GenEds abroad and you entered UMass as a Freshman, you have the option of changing from Freshman to Transfer Gen Ed requirements.

  • The course will remain three credits, but the requirement will be fulfilled.
  • You may need to take two additional GenEd courses in any area except writing in order to meet your GenEd graduation requirements. Your Education Abroad Advisor or Academic Advisor can help you determine this.


Click this link to access the Gen Ed Database

Please notify IPOGenEd[at]umass[dot]edu if you find any data errors or discrepancies.