International Course Equivalencies

Welcome to the Database of International Course Equivalencies (DICE)!

DICE is a list of courses previously approved by UMass faculty and departments in STEM fields, and can be used to get an idea of where appropriate course work might be found in these academic areas. It is not exhaustive, nor is it meant to limit students; it is merely a record of past approvals.

Pre-approval does not guarantee that courses will be offered or that UMass students can enroll.  Courses may be cancelled, or a scheduling conflict may prevent you from taking an approved course.  It is your responsibility to confirm with the host university or program to verify that the course is still offered, and if it will be offered during your term abroad.

To use DICE, search for a UMass course or choose your major from the drop-down menu. If you know where you would like to study, you can further filter results by country or university/ program. Filter results by selecting from the drop-down menus on the left or type in the appropriate column.

To request official approval of courses taught abroad from your academic department, complete an International Course Approval Form (ICAF), as part of your UMass Abroad Application.

  • Computer Science majors must submit a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) form in addition to their ICAF by following the instructions here.  If the course is listed below, you do not need to submit the syllabus with your TCE form.

If a course is not listed here that you think will fulfill a requirement, submit the syllabus and ICAF to your Academic Advisor to request approval.  If you take a course without prior approval, there is no guarantee that it will fulfill the requirement.  You can request approval after you have taken the course, but if it does not meet the requirements, you will need to take at least one additional UMass course in order to graduate.

Please click this link to access DICE

Please email abroad[at]umass[dot]edu if you find any data errors.