Before you make the hard decision to withdraw from your study abroad program, please reach out to your Education Abroad Advisor or your Program Coordinator – we want to help!  Whether it’s financial reasons, academic challenges or just ‘cold feet’, please let us make sure you have considered all the ramifications of withdrawal carefully. If it is determined that withdrawing is what’s best, we’ll help with the next steps.  

Note that students who withdraw from their program before add/drop at UMass may return to UMass for that semester; students who withdraw from a study abroad program after this date at UMass will be withdrawn from UMass for that semester and must re-enroll for the following semester. Students who withdraw from their study abroad program after it starts won’t earn any credits for the semester and will likely face steep financial penalties including having to repay any financial aid. International students may also face US immigration issues and should connect with their International Student Services Advisor before deciding to withdraw from a study abroad program.  


If you must withdraw from a study abroad program for any reason, submit the Education Abroad Withdrawal Form to Kate Smith (kes[at]umass[dot]edu). If you are withdrawing for medical reasons, you must also provide a statement from a medical doctor who has examined you in the location where you became ill specifying that for medical reasons your withdrawal was necessary. 


Refund policies vary by program, and students are bound by the policies of the program in which they are enrolled. Refer to program materials for refund schedules and policies. The timing of the withdrawal is an important factor in determining how much, if any, of the fees are refundable. Generally, application fees and deposits are not refunded. 

The Education Abroad Fee is nonrefundable; once students have committed to their plans on UMass Abroad, they are liable for the Education Abroad Fee.