EA Withdrawal and Refunds

Withdrawal and Refund Policy 


If you must withdraw from a study abroad program for any reason, you must submit the Education Abroad Withdrawal Form to your Education Abroad Advisor. If you are withdrawing for medical reasons, you must also provide a statement from a medical doctor who has examined you in the location where you became ill specifying that for medical reasons your withdrawal was necessary. 

Refund Policies

Refund policies vary by program and students are bound by the policies of the program in which they are enrolled. If you withdraw from a partner program (such as API, ISA, CAPA, etc.), you are bound by the program’s refund schedule and policies. Refer to your program materials for their refund schedule and policy. The timing of the withdrawal is also an important factor in determining how much, if any, of the fees are refundable. The Education Abroad Fee is never refundable, and generally, neither are deposits. Please refer also to the Agreement of Participation for your particular program for full details. 

The program deposit is not refundable unless a student is denied acceptance to the program or the program is cancelled by UMass Amherst.  In either case the full deposit amount will be refunded. When you are approved for study abroad, UMass Amherst immediately incurs certain costs that may not be recoverable. 

Should you withdraw from the University of Massachusetts education abroad program for any reason, including a medical withdrawal, only a partial refund of those costs recoverable may be refunded according to the following pro-rated schedule:

  • 8 weeks before the program start date – up to 75% of the recoverable costs
  • 4 weeks or less before the program start date – up to 50% of the recoverable costs
  • After the program start date – no refund issued

The International Programs Office makes no guarantee of refund, and that the above-listed pro-rated schedule is intended for informational purposes only to indicate the maximum refund that may be available.

Your date of withdrawal is determined by the date of receipt on the Education Abroad Withdrawal Form.