EA Finances Costs


Primary Costs

All students studying abroad will need to plan for the following expenses:

  • UMass Education Abroad fee*
  • Program application fee
  • Non-refundable deposit to confirm enrollment in program
  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Books and study materials
  • Daily commuting expenses
  • Insurance
  • Round-trip airfare

Secondary Costs

Some students may also need to budget for the following optional or location-specific costs:

  • Visa (varies for each country)
  • Passport
  • Immunizations (depending on destination)
  • Educational or cultural excursions
  • Miscellaneous personal expenses (internet, books, supplies, laundry, medical needs, phone, meals out, personal travel, shopping, etc.)

Comparing Programs and Locations

Each program differs in cost and it is important to understand what is included in the program fees, so that you can accurately compare program costs. Some programs may bundle tuition, room and board into a “program fee,” while others may also include excursions and insurance, while others bill each item separately. You can compare the cost of study abroad to your current on-campus costs, including tuition and fees, housing, meals, travel expenses, entertainment, books, supplies, etc. See UMass Amherst Financial Aid Services for tuition, fees and on-campus room and board expenses. Please remember that in most countries, it is not legal to work while on a student visa so you should not plan on earning any money while studying abroad.

As each program differs in cost, so too is the cost of living in different locations. You should familiarize yourself with different estimated costs of living in program locations you are interested so you know what to expect over the course of your time abroad. You might consider using a Cost of Living Comparison Tool to start your research.

*UMass Education Abroad Fee

There is a UMass Amherst Education Abroad Fee for all students participating on semester, academic year, calendar year, summer and winter programs.

For AY22-23, these fees are as follows: $390 for summer or winter, $935 for one semester, $1350 for academic year or calendar year. This fee covers the following services:

  • Comprehensive, professional advising based on individual student’s academic and personal needs    
  • Pre-Departure information, delivered in a variety of formats and including but not limited to: academics, culture preparation, logistics, health and safety information
  • International Travel & Accident Insurance           
  • Maintenance of enrollment status with UMass Registrar’s Office              
  • Advising about financial aid including workshops and scholarship application support       
  • Evaluation and transfer of credit earned abroad to the UMass degree
  • 24/7 Support while abroad, including monitoring world events for health and safety conditions around the world  
  • Support upon reentry resources, workshops and support, as needed              
  • Management of a variety of approved academic programs to reflect a robust list of options to serve most majors and across most regions in the world