EA Finances Billing and Payments

Billing and Payments

The billing and payment process will vary depending on the specific study abroad program and by student. It is important to communicate with your Education Abroad Advisor, your partner program, and the UMass Financial Aid Office so you understand how billing and payments will work for you. 

UMass Amherst Exchange Programs

Students who study on an exchange program will be billed by UMass for tuition and the Education Abroad Fee for the semester they are abroad, and any other billable fees, as listed on the Exchange Budget Sheet. The exchange tuition fee and Education Abroad Fee will be placed on their bursar bill for the semester they are abroad once the student has “committed” to their program on UMass Abroad. The exchange tuition will be due to UMass on the usual payment schedule for that semester.  

In most cases, students will be billed for housing by the host institution or housing provider, and must be paid directly by the student, by the provider’s deadline. While financial aid can be used for these expenses, housing fees are often due before financial aid is released, which means that students need to find another way to pay until they receive their aid. Other items such as meals and international airfare will also need to be paid for out-of-pocket.  

Partner Programs 

Partner programs will bill students directly for program fees, usually 60-90 days in advance of the program start date. Students are responsible for paying all fees directly to the partner program, according to the payment schedule of the partner program. Students wishing to use financial aid for some or all of their program fee will need to submit financial aid verification (link to Fin aid page) documentation to their partner program of the amount of aid expected and the date by which it will be made available to the student. Request the verification form from your partner program. Note that partner programs usually require a non-refundable enrollment deposit one to two weeks after program acceptance. 

The only UMass fee charged to students while on a partner program is the Education Abroad fee, which will be placed on their bursar bills for the term the student is abroad once the student has committed to their study abroad program on UMass Abroad.