Undergraduate Experiential Education

Independent Research, Internship, or Other International Experiences

Please carefully review the following instructions: 

Students who are interested in pursuing an international internship, co-op, service-learning, volunteer, or independent study experience abroad should follow these steps to ensure approval and proper registration with IPO for their experience.  Without IPO’s approval it is not possible to access financial aid or get credit for international experiences. Please begin this process as early as possible, but at least 6 months before your intended travel.

  1. If none of the IPO’s approved internship or study-abroad programs fit your need, please begin this process with either your faculty advisor (for independent study) or Careers Services (for internships, co-ops, etc.)  If you are unsure of how to navigate this, please email Carol Lebold, director of Education Abroad advising and student success.
  2. If your proposed experience is not for credit, then you will be directed to complete a registration process with IPO.  Retroactive credit for these non-credit international experiences will not be awarded.
  3. For international independent experiences for credit, you must complete the Undergraduate International Independent Study Proposal (pages 2-3), including any faculty member approvals.
  4. If the proposal is approved by IPO’s risk management team, students will be required to complete a registration process for an independent for-credit experience. You will be charged the regular Education Abroad fee as per summer/winter or semester.

Please send any questions to Carol Lebold.