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    The Quest for Excellence:

    — Fueling — Innovation


Fueling Innovation

The Nation’s #1 Innovation Economy Demands Talent and Discovery: 
UMass Amherst delivers both.

“Massachusetts stole a second straight victory in Bloomberg’s ranking of the most innovative U.S. states, a testament to how much the economy’s wheels are greased by investment in higher education and research.” 

-The Bloomberg U.S. Innovation Index, December 2016

Bloomberg 2016 U.S. State Innovation Index – top 10 states

“Massachusetts has one of the fastest expanding innovation economies in the nation, and companies around the state have told us that they need more skilled workers in the STEM fields to keep up with demand.” 

—Governor Charlie Baker, March 2017

*All 50 states scored on a 0–100 scale across six equally weighted metrics: R&D intensity; productivity; high tech density; concentration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) employment; science and engineering degree holders; and patent activity.

U.S. State Innovation Index - top 10 states
2016 Rank 2015 Rank State Total Score*
#1 #1 Massachusetts 94.82
2 2 California 93.80
3 3 Washington 92.73
4 4 New Jersey 80.17
5 7 Maryland 78.95
6 6 Oregon 78.22
7 5 Connecticut 78.17
8 8 Colorado 75.58
9 10 Minnesota 75
10 12 New Hampshire 74.75


U.S. State Innovation Index

Providing the STEM Talent

Awarding more undergraduate STEM degrees than any other college or university in the Commonwealth, public or private.

  • STEM BS degrees awarded 2016–17

  • STEM graduates remaining in state*

*Estimated by applying UMass Amherst percent of degree recipients remaining in state five years later, by residency, to IPEDS degree and residency data for other institutions.

Stem Talent
Providing the STEM Talent

Educating the Commonwealth

Educating more students from Massachusetts than the eight top-ranked private national universities in Massachusetts combined.

U.S. News & World Report’s top eight private universities in the state—combined—enroll fewer Massachusetts high school graduates than UMass Amherst alone. And since 1986, the number of Massachusetts residents they serve has fallen by 70 percent.

Stem Talent
Educating the Commonwealth

First-year undergraduate enrollment of Massachusetts students at top eight private universities in Massachusetts vs. UMass Amherst 2016*

*Most recent data available



Stem Talent
Combined Enrollment

First-year undergraduate enrollment of Massachusetts students at top eight private universities in Massachusetts (combined)

Fueling Innovation Through Discovery

Aligned with the Commonwealth’s innovation strategy

Collaborating with public and private partners, UMass Amherst drives scientific discovery in key innovation areas.

  • Big Data and Computational Science
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Applied Life Sciences and Health
  • Climate Science
  • Sustainability


A powerhouse research enterprise

Since 2005, research awards to UMass Amherst have increased 40 percent and total research and development expenditures have climbed to more than $210 million in FY2017.

Research and Development Expenditures

Stem Talent
Research and Development Expenditures


Massachusetts universities: technology licenses and options executed 2016

Ranked third among Massachusetts universities in reported technology licenses and options executed—UMass Amherst R&D is steadily increasing its contributions to the Innovation Economy.

Source: Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)

Stem Talent
Technology Licenses

Some of the top employers of UMass Amherst alumni

  • Raytheon Company
  • State Street Bank & Trust Company
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
  • Dell EMC Corporation
  • MassMutual
  • IBM Corporation
  • Baystate Health, Inc.
  • Wayfair, Llc
  • Partners Healthcare System Inc.
  • Ernst & Young
Tech workers

There are many universities in Massachusetts,
but only one university for Massachusetts.