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Past Events

Past Events
Apr 27, 2018
Candles burn in front of tablets with names inscribed

Holocaust Memory in Contemporary Poland and Israel: The Challenge From Right–Wing Regimes

4:30 pm

The recent rise of right-wing populist movements and regimes in Europe, Israel, and the United States has changed the memory of the Holocaust in ways we could not have imagined only ten years ago....
Apr 24, 2018
Stefan Ihrig

The Original Sin of Europe's Dark Twentieth Century: (Re)Integrating the Armenian Genocide into European and World History

IHGMS, 758 North Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA
5:00 pm

Our knowledge of the Armenian Genocide and of what it meant for the world at the time has been expanding rapidly in recent years. Stefan Ihrig shows that it also provoked intense debates in Germany...
Mar 29, 2018
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Armengou and Sebastiaan Faber: 10th Catalan Film Festival: Catalonia Now

(All day)

As part of the 10th Catalan Film Festival: Catalonia Now(link is external), IHGMS is pleased to host Montse Armengou(link is external), Catalan Journalist and Investigative Documentary Filmmaker,...
Mar 26, 2018
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Foreign Volunteers in the 1948 War: A Comparative Examination

(All day)

The first Arab-Israeli war of 1948 began as a civil war, fought between the Arab and Jewish citizens of Mandate Palestine. It then developed into an inter-state war after the Israeli declaration of...
Mar 22, 2018
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Jew Süss: The Notorious Trial and Execution of an Eighteenth Century Court Jew

(All day)

Joseph Süss Oppenheimer, also known as ”Jew Süss,” is one of the most iconic figures in the history of anti-Semitism. Oppenheimer was the “court Jew” of the duke of the small German state of...
Mar 20, 2018
Not My Family book cover

On Holocaust Memory, Family and Empathy

IHGMS, 758 North Pleasant Street
(All day)

An event around Roger Frie’s book Not in My Family: German Memory and Responsibility after the Holocaust (Oxford University Press, 2017)....
Mar 7, 2018
Clause Lansmann. This event has been cancelled due to inclement weather. Please join us on 3/21 for the next event in MMFF!

"Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah" Screening and Discussion

Isenberg Flavin Family Auditorium (137 SOM)
7:30 pm

The 92-year-old French journalist, philosopher and filmmaker reflects on the trials and tribulations he faced during the 12-year journey to make his Holocaust masterpiece, Shoah (1985).

Jan 30, 2018 - Jan 31, 2018

Prof. Steven E. Aschheim lectures

1/30 Amherst College, 1/31 UMass IHGMS
4:30 pm

Professor Steven E. Aschheim (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) will present two lectures in Amherst: "The 'Dialectic of Enlightenment' Revisited" and "Empathy and the Task of the Historian in the Face of Genocide"