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Ripples in a Pond: The Effects of the Holocaust Over Generations

Deborah Levison and Tammy Bottner

2019 Annual Yom Hashoah Commemorative Event

Dr. Tammy Bottner and Deborah Levison have much in common: both are daughters and granddaughters of Holocaust survivors, and each has written an award-winning book recounting her family’s tale. In their joint presentation, the authors discuss not only their families’ incredible stories of survival, but also the way the Holocaust has affected their own lives.

Dr. Tammy Bottner is a pediatric, adolescent, and integrative medicine physician, and co-founder of Riverside Pediatrics in Newburyport, MA. She is author of Among the Reeds: The True Story of How a Family Survived the Holocaust.

Deborah Levison’s life has two parts: the first in Canada, where she attended the Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Toronto, and the second as a journalist based in Connecticut. She is author of The Crate: A Story of War, a Murder, and Justice.