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Online Event for Holocaust Remembrance Day

You can now watch this event in full by going to the following link:

Kibbutz Buchenwald is the name of a group of Jewish Holocaust survivors, united with the aim of settling in Eretz Israel after their liberation from Buchenwald Concentration Camp. The group was formed over a 10- year period in Germany and Palestine. Their story combines historical events and fiction, and connects Jewish, German, American and Palestinian narratives. In the talk, Dr. Naishtat-Bornstein describes Kibbutz Buchenwald's story and its fictional dimensions in documentary, research and art.
Lilach Naishtat-Bornstein is a visiting scholar in the Department of Comparative Literature, Harvard University (2019-2020). She teaches at Kibbutzim College of Education. Among her books are: The Song of Songs and the Poetics of Romantic Fragment (2019); Who's Afraid of Christabel? A story of a Reading Group(2017); and Their Jew: Right and Wrong in Holocaust Testimonies (2016).