March 13, 2024
Emerging Technologies, Instructional Innovation Fellowship, Teaching and Learning
IIF 6th Meeting

A defining feature of 21st-century teaching is a student-centered approach where students take ownership of their learning. Students seek to be actively involved in their own learning process and to participate in significant, meaningful ways both in and outside of the classroom. This month’s Instructional Innovation Fellows showcased the active teaching strategies they implement to reach and engage their 21st-century learners. Allie Wolf used Padlet to spark classroom discussions, Dandan Xu utilized student-produced video projects for knowledge sharing, and Fig Lefevre demonstrated ways to encourage active listening in the classroom.

Key takeaways:

  • Padlet as a Tool for Engagement: Allie Wolf's use of Padlet in a first-year seminar class transformed a quiet classroom into an active one by promoting interaction and understanding among students.
  • Student-produced Videos to Share Science Concepts Broadly: Dandan Xu's integration of video projects in an engineering lab class enhanced the learning experience by aligning with the highest learning objectives and extending its impact beyond the classroom.
  • Embodied Listening for Deeper Understanding: Fig Lefevre's guide to listening "with yr whole bod" introduced an engaging approach to communication and learning that emphasizes the importance of physical presence and attentiveness in academic settings.

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