A conference session with a woman on the left and a man on the right

Being Creative Educators: Empowering Student Choice and Leveraging Video Lectures

The Instructional Innovation Fellowship (IIF) held its 7th session on April 5th, 2024. Two fellows, Prof. Lisa Lehmberg and Prof. Bjorn Nordtveit, shared their creative teaching methods in this meeting. Prof. Lehmberg presented her use of digital tools like choice boards, hyperdocs, and student-made adventure mini-projects to give students more control over their learning. Prof. Nordtveit shared his expertise in creating high-quality instructional videos for his courses

IIF 6th Meeting

Activating Student Participation: Classroom Insights from the IIF Fellows

A defining feature of 21st-century teaching is a student-centered approach where students take ownership of their learning. Students seek to be actively involved in their own learning process and to participate in significant, meaningful ways both in and outside of the classroom. This month’s Instructional Innovation Fellows showcased...

Dr Dhiroj Koirala at the IIF Meeting

Practicing Flexibility, Creativity, and Student-centered Learning in the Classrooms

The Instructional Innovation Fellowship kicked off its spring sessions with our fifth meeting on Friday, February 9. This session was all about bringing creativity and flexibility into the classroom.

Sofija Zagarins presenting at an IIF workshop

Transformative Teaching: How Can Diversity and Technology Transform Traditional Teaching?

For the IDEAS Instructional Innovation Fellows, every day offers opportunities for more effective and engaging teaching methods. While these innovators vary greatly in their approaches and techniques, they share a common goal: to create a more inclusive educational experience that caters to the diverse needs of today's learners.

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Teaching with Heart: Innovative Practices for Empathetic and Engaging Learning

In an educational landscape increasingly defined by rapidly evolving technology and shifting societal dynamics, the essence of teaching should remain rooted in the human connection. This is the message from the IIF fellows during the second meeting of the 2023 Instructional Innovation Fellowship on Friday, October 13, 2023, at Bartlett Hall.

The 2023-2024 Instructional Innovation Fellows together as a group

Meet the 2023-2024 IDEAS Instructional Innovation Fellows

The Instructional Design, Engagement and Support (IDEAS) team is thrilled to introduce the new group of 12 fellows for the 2023-2024 Instructional Innovation Fellowship (IIF). These fellows are all about innovation in teaching with technology, and we’re excited to kick off this journey with them.

Instructional Innovation Fellows standing together after the final workshop.

Reflecting on an Inspiring Journey: Inaugural Instructional Innovation Fellowship First Year Concludes

Starting the Fall of 2022, the IDEAS team had the privilege of facilitating knowledge exchange meetings for an exceptional group of innovative teachers at UMass. We wrapped up the first year of the...

A person looking at their computer screen displaying a Kahoot quiz

From Analog to Digital: The Many Ways to Engage Students in Classrooms

In our seventh meeting of the Instructional Innovation Fellowship (IIF) on a bright and sunny Wednesday morning on April 26, three fellows presented their innovative tech tools and teaching ideas.

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From TikTok to Classroom Standards: Making Classrooms More Connected and Engaged

In the sixth meeting of the Instructional Innovation Fellows (IIF) this March, Li Hou and Kelsey Whipple presented on the topics of using Tik Tok in Chinese language learning to make language learning more relevant and connected to students and the importance of collaboratively creating classroom standards to promote safe and inclusive learning communities respectively.

Five people seated together, looking at a laptop screen in a library.

Empowering Students through Knowledge Co-Creation: Innovative Approaches to 21st-Century Learning

On a bright and crisp morning on March 8th, 2023, the 5th meeting of the Instructional Innovative Fellows convened at Bartlett Hall. Three innovative fellows shared their unique approaches to teaching, centered around promoting learners’ agency and co-creating educational resources for 21st-century learning.

A robot looking up in a hallway

ChatGPT and Emerging Technologies- How IDEAS Innovation Fellows are Embracing Change in Their Teaching

This Spring, the Instructional Innovation Fellowship (IIF) meetings resumed with exciting discussions on how to embrace technology, including A.I. tools and social media, to give students agency in their learning, and promote critical thinking skills and professional readiness. In our fourth meeting...

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Creative Assessments and Student Collaboration

Interested in learning about student engagement and collaborative tools or ways to make your classroom projects meaningful and impactful? Some UMass Amherst instructors shared what they do during the third meeting of the Instructional Innovation Fellowship.

A person taking a video of themselves with an iPhone on a selfie stick

Creative Teaching Methods from the IIF

Interested in learning about student engagement and collaborative tools or ways to make your classroom projects meaningful and impactful? Some UMass Amherst instructors shared what they do during the second meeting of the Instructional Innovation Fellowship.

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IDEAS Instructional Innovation Fellowship (IIF) launched!

The Instructional Design, Engagement and Support (IDEAS) team supports innovative strategies for teaching effectively with technology. One way we do this is engaging with instructors on a regular basis to talk about how they use instructional technologies to meet pedagogical goals.