IDEAS Faculty Spotlight

IDEAS Faculty Spotlight

IDEAS is happy to announce a new website initiative: Faculty Spotlight! Faculty Spotlight is designed to feature innovative teaching practices, leveraging technology in classrooms, and related advancements in instructional design and technology. Each month, one of our talented faculty members will have their work highlighted on the front page of the IDEAS website, along with a detailed article sharing some of their innovative teaching practices. Check back each month for a new spotlight article. A form to nominate faculty will be available soon!

AI bridges multiple scientists and laboratories. AI is represented by a circut-filled brain connecting workspaces and technologies.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative artificial intelligence is impacting education in many ways. The IDEAS Team is working towards promoting AI Literacy, giving instructors the experiences and skills necessary to understand how generative AI tools work and make informed decisions about how to include and exclude their use in courses. We look at tools across text, media, and research. 

2023 Instructional Fellows Group Photo

Instructional Innovation Fellowship

As part of the Instructional Design, Engagement and Support (IDEAS) group’s mission to support innovation in teaching and the effective use of teaching technologies, the Instructional Innovation Fellowship (IIF) supports UMass instructors across disciplines who are currently engaging in creative teaching practices to share their ideas with and learn from other UMass instructors.