The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) - Facilitates commercialization and support of technologies developed in UMass Amherst research, which brings innovative new products to the public and enhances the recognition of researchers and inventors.

The UMass Innovation Institute (UMII) - Works directly with industry to streamline the path to projects and collaborations with faculty and students.

IALS Venture Development - Programs and resources to support development of startups and industry partnerships by UMass researchers based upon their technologies and product concepts.

The Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship - Plays a central role promoting entrepreneurship and innovation across the UMass Amherst campus and throughout the region and state.

UMass Graduate School Office of Professional Development (OPD) - Positions graduate students and postdoctoral researchers for success in their careers at UMass and beyond.

Startup Navigator - The innovation trail is tough to navigate, especially for first-time pre-startup and startup teams. You know your research and your technology but successfully going from concept through to commercialization is uncharted territory. The IALS Startup Navigator is designed to help founders get their bearings.