Innovators Rev-Up

What is an Innovators Rev-Up?

The Innovators Rev-Up is for teams that have successfully completed the Innovators Jump-Start and want to dig deeper into the needs of potential customers.

With the help of the I-Corps @ UMass Amherst team, participants continue their customer discovery efforts based on a schedule and project plan designed to build upon the results of the Innovators Jump-Start with a minimum of 15 additional customer discovery interviews. Benefits of participation include:

  • Individualized training and support to plan, execute, and analyze customer discovery interviews. 
  • Up to $2,000 of funding for travel and other customer discovery interview expenses upon completion of the project.

Successful completion of an Innovators Rev-Up project will result in greater understanding of potential customers for product and service concepts based upon the participating team's research and prepare the team to apply for the national NSF I-Corps teams program.