Researchers improve immunization strategies for dengue fever in Thailand

Using a unique data set spanning 40 years of dengue fever incidence in Thailand, an international team led by biostatistician Nicholas Reich of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences has for the first time estimated from data that after an initial dengue infection, a person is protected from infection with other strains for between one and three years.

Reich working on $2.5m project to study dengue fever in Thailand

Biostatistician Nicholas Reich of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences, an expert in statistical modeling of infectious disease data, is part of a team that recently won a five-year, $2.5 million grant from the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to develop and extend statistical and modeling methodologies to correct for biases in surveillance data. Specifically, he and colleagues will collaborate with Thailand’s Ministry of Health to study patterns of dengue fever there. Reich will receive about $700,000 of the total grant.

Biostatisticians identify genes linked to heart disease

Recently, large studies have identified some of the genetic basis for important common diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, but most of the genetic contribution to them remains undiscovered. Now campus researchers led by biostatistician Andrea Foulkes of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences have applied sophisticated statistical tools to existing large databases to reveal substantial new information about genes that cause such conditions as high cholesterol linked to heart disease.

NSF Grant Will Create Dedicated UMass Amherst Computer Network to Handle Large Volumes of Research Data

AMHERST, Mass. – Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have received a two-year, $867,040 grant from the National Science Foundation to build a high-bandwidth optical data network to handle large amounts of computerized research data. The new network is designed to separate research data traffic from the rest of the data traffic on the Amherst campus.