The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Venture Development Resources


In addition to venture development resources within the Institute for Applied Life Sciences, our team encourages and facilitates access to venture development resources that can add value and move a new venture toward scalability and investment readiness.

IALS Resources

  • IALS Business Innovation Fellows (advice, information, people)
  • IALS Business Innovation Fellows Microgrants (funding)
  • IALS Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Mentors, Experts (advice, connections, information)
  • IALS Venture Development Programs and Events (advice, information, connections)
  • IALS Center Seed Grants-M2M, CBD, CPHM (funding)
  • IALS Core Facilities (equipment, expertise, funding)
  • IALS Collaboratories (space)
  • IALS Industry Collaboration (connections)

Beyond the Campus