Cyta Therapeutics


Cyta Therapeutics is an early-stage life sciences company developing proprietary products for delivery to the liver.

Cyta Therapeutics’ products are based on a novel class of polymer-based nanogels called IntelliGels. Cyta’s lead development program is a therapeutic (Cyta-001) to treat obesity and other metabolic conditions.

Disruption of metabolism regulation leads to several debilitating diseases such as obesity, inflammatory liver steatosis such as NASH, type 2 diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. In particular, the rise in obesity in the US population is at epidemic proportions with over 42% of adults considered obese and is directly related to the increase in a variety of chronic medical conditions, with an estimated annual medical cost in the United States of nearly $173 billion.

Contact Info

Thai Thayumanavan, PhD
Founder and Scientific Advisor

Bernadette C. Fendrock, MS, MBA
Founder and CEO

W. Stephen Faraci, PhD
Founder and CSO