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3Daughters is a Woman’s Healthcare Company developing a new  evolutionary intrauterine device (IUD) for contraception, based on physics, that conforms to a woman’s body. This revolutionary magnetic frameless IUD addresses the problems with  the outdated T-shape design of current IUDs. These include  significant insertion pain, expulsion, and uterine perforation along with the nuisance factor of the attached strings for IUD retrieval.

Research Focus

The current research focus is to engage in evidence-based product development. Prototype feasibility and alpha development are the next stages to further validate the concept and finalize  a clinical and regulatory path. 

Market Focus

The global IUD market is over $4 billion and is expected to continue growing at to reach almost $6 billion (by 2027).  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identified potential barriers to IUD use as  anticipated pain with insertion and provider concerns about difficult insertion. 3Daughters evolutionary IUD will address these barriers with an  improved contraceptive experience without pain, or  worries of uterine perforation or IUD expulsion, and with no strings attached.


Almost  160 million women worldwide use intrauterine devices (IUDs)  as their method of choice for birth control (more than the Pill!). IUDs are extremely effective (>99%), long lasting (up to 10 years), and have been available since the 60’s. Yet, the basic design of the IUD—a T-shape frame with protruding arms and hanging strings—has not significantly changed in six decades of use. The associated problems with the design have deterred many women from using this effective and reliable form of contraception and added a ‘fear factor’ for both practitioners and patients. The evolutionary design of 3Daughters’ IUD will conform to a woman’s body making the IUD experience more comfortable. By eliminating the pain and ‘fear factor’ the 3Daughters IUD could  appeal to more  women, giving them greater control over family planning, and potentially we hope to reducing the number of  unwanted pregnancies. 

3Daughters evolutionary IUD design was invented by a world-renowned veterinary reproductive specialist (Dr. Carlos Gradil) and professor at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst.  The concept of a frameless, magnetic-based, self-assembling IUD has been tested with horses, demonstrating prevention of pregnancies and reversible fertility control in all treated mares. Safety was conformed with biopsies showing no detrimental effects on endometrial architecture. All of the evolutionary magnetic IUDs were successfully retained in utero, demonstrating a 100% retention rate in domestic mares. Fertility post -retrieval was not affected by the device and 100% of mares bred in the following breeding season and successfully conceived.


  • UMass Amherst Institute for Applied Life Sciences Midigrant, 2021
  • Manning/IALS Innovation Award, 2021
Contact Info

Shelley Amster
Co-Founder, Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Mary Beth Cicero
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Carlos Gradil, PhD, LMV
Inventor, Professor, Veterinary & Animal Science, Equine Studies, UMass Amherst

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