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Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Monitoring Lab


COVID-19 Status

Partial Closure 2

a. Not open to users.
b. Accepting samples/material/projects for processing/running/analysis.
c. Internal and/or external clients-Zoom meetings available for both. In other words, we can analyze data, develop new projects, test prototype viability. We cannot test human subjects.

The only sleep research facility in the region equipped for overnight sleep studies to access sleep and sleep physiology. The center has three bedrooms that can be used for polysomnography, the gold standard for sleep measurement.

    • Online sleep monitoring from a central control room, allowing for sleep stage specific manipulations.
    • Bedrooms that are heavily sound-attenuated, temperature controlled, and shielded from electrical noise.
    • Access to real-time recordings from the Control Room which allow for monitoring of data quality and manipulations of sleep.
    • A laundry facility (for washing room linens), and a sink in the control room for washing electrodes and caps.
    • 128-channel MRI-compatible EEG

Training for new users consists of:

  • lab safety training,
  • operation of the instrument and associated software,
  • use of data analysis software,
  • exporting or presenting data,
  • clean up and shutdown of the instrumentation.