The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Trion R2R DRIE & IBM System

The Trion Deep Reactive Ion and Ion Beam Etcher provides vacuum-based dry etch capability compatible with several substrates (plastic, glass, metal foil). Multiple gases enable versatile etch chemistries for dielectric, metal, and polymer composites.

  • R2R DRIE/IBM system for 6 inch wide films (plastic / metal foils)
  • Anisotropic etch capability enabling residual layer removal, patterns transfer and surface treatment in R2R process – less than +/- 4% etch uniformity
  • 8000 W Extreme source 13.56MHz RF generator
  • 8 gases (CF4, O2, SF6, He, Ar, CHF3, 2 blank slots)
  • Ion beam Milling (IBM) chamber with 2 linear gridless source – less than +/-2.5% etch uniformity – separate chamber
  • Thickness monitoring mechanism
  • Capability to etch polymers, dielectrics, and thin metal films
  • Interleaf rollers, web handing system and web tension control
  • Automatic and manual tuning options