The University of Massachusetts Amherst

AJA R2R Sputtering System

The AJA sputter deposition tool provides industry standard vacuum deposition capability for a range of metals, dielectrics, and magnetic materials. In situ plasma cleaning combined with both RF ad DC pulsed magnetron source provide for state-of-the-art physical vapor deposition.

  • R2R deposition on 6 inch wide films
  • Capability to deposit metals, oxides, dielectrics and magnetic materials
  • 4 Magnetron sputtering sources including one for magnetic materials
  • 2000 W RF gen and 5 kW variable frequency (5-350 kHz) pulsed DC generator with dual output option
  • Plasma cleaning system before deposition
  • Shadow mask option for two targets
  • Quartz crystal thickness monitoring for all sources
  • Bidirectional motorized rollers with web tensioning and interleaf rollers
  • Water cooled rollers to minimize substrate heating
  • Targets in different size – smaller size for very expensive metals