Raman, IR, and XRF Spectroscopy


Core Facilities Seminar

Zili Gao, PhD–Raman Spectroscopy for Food Analysis

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Located at the Chenoweth Laboratory, our facility provides resourceful advanced spectroscopic analysis of versatile organic and inorganic samples, including agricultural, environmental, food, and biomedical materials, as well as polymers and heavy metals.

Our instruments including 4 Raman spectrometers (mapping, portable, and handheld), 2 FTIRs (spectrometer and microscope) and 2 X-ray Fluorescence spectrometers.


Internal External
Non-Profit Rate
External Rate
DXR Raman microscope $32/hour $42/hour $50/hour
DXRxi Raman microscope
(fast imaging)
$42/hour $53/hour $70/hour    
EZ portable Raman spectrometer $27/hour $37/hour $45/hour
Handheld Raman spectrometer $27/hour $37/hour $45/hour
FTIR microscope $42/hour $53/hour $65/hour
FTIR spectrometer $27/hour $37/hour $45/hour
X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer Epsilon 1 $27/hour $37/hour $45/hour
X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer Epsilon 4 $32/hour $42/hour $50/hour
Technical Services $53/hour $69/hour $85/hour
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.  

FY24 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees

  • Instrument training, self operated or operator assisted sample measurement.
  • Sample preparation and handling in wet lab near instruments.
  • Technical support for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS).